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July 30, 2004

Ann Arbor, MI, hour 24 or so. If there is a less friendly place on Earth, we hope we never find it. We started our day at Starbucks because we couldn't find another more interesting place open in the University Area and Frankie needed to eat. While in Starbucks, we observed an older woman with her daughter who circulated to different tables stealing newspapers from other patrons who had left their table for a brief period. When she was called on it by one who's paper had been pilfered, she denied it and a brawl nearly ensued.

Don't get me wrong. These weren't the only cheery people in the place. The rest of them simply appeared to be fuming and angry at something. Maybe Kerry's acceptance speech or something. I don't believe we have met the gaze of a single person in a day. It is an odd place indeed.

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