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July 2, 2004

"I don't think security guards should be armed; guns should be strictly for trained police officers," said Dave Scarpetti (stunningly good-looking publisher of*, who lives in the University District. "I'll now pay more attention when I enter stores, and if I see an armed guard, I'll leave and shop somewhere else."
A story in today's Columbus Dispatch (gotta pay to get beyond the headlines) has an interesting discussion of the increase in use of armed security guards around Columbus since 9/11. Previously in the news, was reported a Kroger security guard who discharged his firearm when someone tried to shoplift! I read this and asked the Dispatch to publish a list of the supermarkets with armed security guards and that's why they called and they asked for my contribution. Kind of fun.

*The stuff in parentheses is not really in the article.

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