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August 28, 2004

I hope she doesn't mind (email me quick and I'll pull the post immediately if you object), but a regular reader wrote to invite the wife and I to a show at Cafe Apropos (473 Third Ave). Beth Amsel is playing September 25th. I suspect readership is low enough on this site so this shouldn't cause a riotous crowd to show up and destroy the place. I think we'll try to make it, babysitter permitting.

Just as important as this friendly offer, I was made aware of a new cafe. I had never heard of this place and dropped in for a quick cup of coffee this afternoon between errands. It's delightful. Apparently, the place has been in the works getting ready to open for almost a couple years and it's been open about several months so far. Seems to be doing well. And about a quarter of the square footage is dedicated to wine sales. Decent prices and selection. And, the best part, they will eventually sell wine for consumption on site. Lots of silly beaurocratic stuff to get through first but it'll happen.

Wine and coffee at the same location. Trivial . . . if you're in France. Cafes that serve wine aren't common in Columbus (are there any?). There exist restaurants, of course, that serve both but no place for just a quick glass of wine or coffee. I find this exciting. Someday, I'm gonna get a group of Columbus bloggers, blog surfers and anyone who just wants to hang with me to get together socially and this venue is promising, but that's fodder for another post.

Thanks AL.

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