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August 4, 2004

The Ohio State Fair starts today. I'm fairly certain there's a conspiracy among little old lady bakers in Ohio to prevent me from competing in the "French Bread" category of household arts. I've signed up now for 2 years and never received my entry materials and unfortunately forgot to follow up. I saw entries from last year and I would have easily kicked butt. Oh well, enjoy your reign one more year you conspiring gang of bakers; next year I'm getting even!

We'll be going to the fair anyway. On my agenda:
1. eat corn dog (at least one)
2. see the butter sculpture
3. see border collies herd sheep
4. tractor pull (if I can get earplugs for Frankie)
5. consume much kettle corn, see if it's as good as mine
6. consume some kind of bbq'd beef product
7. consume a deep fried twinkie
8. pet many animals (Frankie will too)
9. etc.

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