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August 22, 2004

The past few days, I've watch a few sheep. A lot of sheep.

I've seen The Anchorman in the middle of a week day. I actually stayed until the end of the movie. It was bad. Waiting to see the movie I was sitting in the lobby in front of a video game depicting people killing each other. One of those combat kind of games. Loud, tasteless and lots and lots of killing. I went over and just unplugged the game. No one in the lobby seemed to care. I felt vigilant. I may make it a hobby.

We went to the The Spaghetti Factory and chased Frankie throughout the entire restaurant as Trish and I alternated jamming food into our mouths and chasing the little one.

We had a low-key play group on Sunday and got to see the newest addition, Anthony, a cool and very tiny little baby.

We got Frankie her first pair of "walkers"; size 3 1/2.

We prepared materials to get Frankie ready for her big day tomorrow. We're just not ready. She's still a baby.

I mentally prepared myself to walk into work, suck it up, get numb and get to work. "Work - don't think", I'll tell myself. By next July, things will change.

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