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September 15, 2004

traffic = popularity

I must admit, I'm a little obsessed with site traffic. I don't necessarily want a huge amount to this site because it's mostly for family, friends, food enthusiasts and a few readers I might meet someday. If it got huge, like Chocolate and Zucchini, the bandwidth expenses would kill me. However, if Fords Stall received a lot of traffic (go peek, and click on the ads like a nervous jumping bean damn it), I'd be all into it.

I pulled this image off the tv last night of the Paula Zahn interview with Ana Marie Cox who publishes Wonkette. It's an ok site. I'm not a political junkie so it doesn't really excite me and I don't think she's that funny. During the interview, it was revealed she gets 400,000 hits per month! That's awesome. I suppose she has some serious marketing force behind it helping the traffic along but it's still pretty impressive. However, don't be too impressed, Drudge gets over 8,000,000 a day!

Correction: Drudge gets over 12,000,000 a day (but I account for about a thousand or so myself)!

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