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October 18, 2004

Parenting Tip #312

With the cold months approaching and Frankie running quickly from the sensorimotor stage of development, we fear the indoors.

COSI to the rescue.

This place is unbelievable. There's a room on the second floor where toddlers can go absolutely berserk for hours. Highly colored interactive-activities, air-suspended-ball-thingies, ramps to race little balls, mini gyms, "dining" area, numerous workstations for web-surfing for child development related literature and - the best part of all - a water activity play area. Kids put on slickers and play to their heart's content. The aqueous games were temporarily closed (unfortunately), but we'll be back.

Needless, we're now members. And, I'm going to ride the highwire unicycle when I get the courage. Photo certainly to follow.

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