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November 2, 2004

Leaves, Perking Away

Remember those leaves I raked?

Inspired by a neighbor's gardening results this year (they kindly shared their bounty), I thought I'd give the composter another shot. Didn't have such good luck last year.

First, I emptied it out and used the partially composted stuff in other areas of the yard. Then, I tossed about 1/6th of the leaves in our composter with a bunch of fermentable kitchen waste and stacked the other bags beside it (to continue fueling as the season proceeds, layering kitchen waste with leaves).

Right now, the ambient temperature is in the 60s. I have this long probe thermometer and checked our fermenting pile today and it's in the low 90s! The individual plastic bags of leaves are only in the 70s. I think we're getting some serious fermentation (composting) from the kitchen waste.

You didn't expect election commentary here did you?

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