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November 9, 2004

POTUS, It's The New Vanity Plate

During this election season, I pondered the next person to take two years off of his job, receive full salary with benefits and take another job funded by gobs of federal tax dollars - like, say, run for President of the United States of America. This in mind, I probed a popular domain registrar for a few names. It's kind of fun to think about when these domains were created and the possible ramifications.

Most of these domains are parked. This means someone purchased them and left them at the domain registrar. You can play this game too by going to, e.g., and typing in a name. They'll direct you to who registered the domain and its nameservers. If you find any interesting ones, leave a comment or email me and I'll add it to the table.

domain (.com)date created
hillaryrodhamclinton29-Jun-04 ... just missed
colinlpowell23-Apr-04 ...recent, hmmm
robertreich29-Jun-03 (4'10" - too short - although not as swarthy as Dukakis)

By the way, POTUS is a pretty cool site.


Anonymous said... (wooHOO!) - snatched up by some unofficial-looking person (just created!) heehee

Dave said...

I think is dead and unusable. It looks lame. Looks like someone failed with a prior number. What people can do is buy a whole bunch of peripheral domains and forward them to the desired domain. These would all fall in that category, IMO. is pretty funny. Thanks.

Anonymous said... was just taken...

Dave said...

That's actually pretty fascinating, I'll be keeping an eye on that domain. Thanks for the heads-up!