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January 6, 2005

Poor, poor, Andy

Sports fans, move on to another blog NOW.

Andy Geiger, the OSU athletic director is depicted on the cover of OSU's The Lantern wiping a tear explaining why he's stepping down from his billion dollar a year stressful position.

F*&# this whiner.

No one put a gun to his head to take a measly $250K/year base salary which likely ends up to be in excess of $1 million/year after all the extracurricular activities he partakes in. Tressel too is easily over $1 mil in salary and extras.

That's the pathetic state of college athletics. They rival drug companies in their largesse. In this U.S. News piece it states:
[at OSU] " . . . the university has spent $351,111.11 per varsity athlete on sports facilities, compared with $6,652 per student on other university buildings."
I know, it's what people want, supply and demand, blah, blah, blah. It's just not right. Geiger is sobbing because he's probably only going to make about $500K in consulting next year rather than a million. At least the poor guy won't be under as much stress.

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