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February 22, 2005

$100 million!

Ohio State's tuition has climbed about as fast as prescription drug co-pays the past few years. Stashing away a comfortable monthly sum and drinking box wine for the next 18 years to provide for Frankie's future tuition are just a couple accomodations we've made because of this painful reality. Our salaries sure haven't jumped by 10% a year.

On a related note, conspicuously absent from today's OSU newspaper, The Lantern (but you can read about it here is a nifty prank played by an OSU student. He tried to auction off the president of OSU and the biggest shocker is she got bid up to $100 million dollars before the gag was pulled by Ebay!

Update Missed it, there was an opinion piece on it today in The Lantern.

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