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February 5, 2005

The Fidget Diet

One of many reports this past week indicate the inability to sit still is a valid means of exercise. This happens to be a specialty of mine and I couldn't resist attaching myself to a pedometer for a week or so to make some measurements. It's not a high quality pedometer so I suspect it's inaccurate. However, it's a primitive mechanical device and I think the errors are likely reproducible, so the relative numbers should be meaningful.

I'll be wearing my pedometer for the first week with my normal habits and then next week, I'll be taking stairs more often and just doing everything with as much movement as I can. I suspect weekends (heavy duty parenting, outdoor activities, laundry, etc.) should be substantially higher than my M-F when I'm "using" my brain more than my limbs. My numbers will be listed in the side margin. I'll be wearing it from 7 am - 9 pm. I'm awake many more hours, but the activity kicks in during those hours. Should be an interesting experiment.

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