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March 2, 2005

Ohioans get a freebie

If you reached this site via Google using the search phrase "fair credit reporting act" you may have noticed a bunch of ads on the right side of the search results screen. These were generated by Gordon Gekko wannabe affiliate marketers trying to sell you a credit report for $30 that you're entitled to for free. You simply have to go to Annual Credit NPR had a story on it yesterday and they claim the site is safe.

To try to prevent a backlog, they are allowing sections of the country at a time to obtain their credit report and as of yesterday, it's Ohio's turn. Free. Immediately online or you can call 'em on the phone. I guess you can get all 3 bureaus at once or space them out too. Pretty cool deal.


Anonymous said...

Oh Great! Now I can see the damage done last christmas X3....

Anonymous said...

At least it'll be free.