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April 12, 2005

This Lime Tree Bower

Kafe Kerouac (2250 N. High) is finding its niche in the Columbus café scene. On occasion, they host small scale theatrical productions. The intimacy of a production with only 30-50 spectators is a special experience that happens to be one of my favorite forms of entertainment.

April 22-24 and 29-30, 8 pm Foolish Bison will be performing Conor McPherson's This Lime Tree Bower at Kerouac; $7 admission. Here's an excerpt from a preview from
"Suffice it to say, no actor will ever lose weight performing in any of these plays. McPherson's plays are not about action; they are about words: words woven together into stories. This Lime Tree Bower is, more than anything else, a study in the great art of storytelling, Irish-style.

Put three young American men together for an afternoon. They'll find a basketball and take turns putting their best spin on it, aiming to prove they're the best shot. But give three similarly-situated Irishmen an afternoon off, and they'll sit around spinning yarns. Or so it seems."
I'll remind you as the day approaches, but make a note to catch it. I'm sure it won't disappoint. I'll be trying to catch opening night and will give you my opinion of it here.

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