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May 24, 2005

Are we still welcome?

Last night, after our wild rampage of 2 year olds dinner party, we didn't quite feel like cooking. One of things we miss about Baltimore is the plethora of Indian food places that deliver. We finally found one right down the street. Unfortuanately, we learned of the delivery option after we got there to dine. Indian Kitchen at the corner of Patterson and High delivers from 5-9 pm (except Tuesdays). We sat down to eat last night - kind of. Half way through the meal, Frankie decided to start removing her clothes. After the shirt came off, she reached for a piece of naan and then started to start playing with the idea of removing her pants and then just wanted to run around the restaurant.

I think we'll just get the food delivered next time and just wait a year or 3 before going out again. The menu is on their site.

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