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June 24, 2005

Last until August 4th

Last night's open mic was standing room only and action packed.

Ishmael accompanied by guitarist, Tone, started the evening with at least 9 selections from Haiti, The Passion, Search for the Truth, Love and everything in between. Rick played some musical selections including one from Curtis Mayfield. Chris read Pleasure Place and broke into impressions; erratic, yet entertaining. Tone then did some freestyle initiated by audience input. A crowd pleaser no doubt. The next two pieces were just beautiful and I didn't get his name; he runs a writing workshop at KK on Tuesdays. The last I saw was a performance piece by Olcar and crew. That was the one that got in my head and made it hard to sleep.

Had to leave after that - school night. Nice job everyone. See you in August (music on Thursdays at Kafe Kerouac in the meantime).

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