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June 9, 2005

White Stripes

I have no allegiance to any single genre of music. I like anything from Wu Tang to Comedian Harmonists and most stuff in between. I hear something and I hunt it down on Limewire or Amazon (yes, and actually pay for it).

Lately, I've been hearing this duo all over the place and never had enough room on my hand to write down the band's name (my hand's been filled with notes like "buy diapers", etc.). Apparently, I waited so long, they turned pop and ended up on NPR. I don't mind liking music that's categorized as popular; I like what I like - and White Stripes are good. There's 3 full songs to listen to on the NPR site. It's their fifth recording and I'm looking forward to checking into their first four. The fifth though: A great recording for - say - Father's Day?


Bryce said...

On sale at Target for $9.99. (Let the wife know.)

Dave said...

Thanks Bryce, I'm hoping she's reading this.