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July 26, 2005

Dr. Fauci, the man

NPR has a series entitled This I Believe. The essays are submitted and read by a wide variety of professionals, and it is, Newt (I have a wife and several girlfriends) Gingrich notwithstanding, incredible. Inspiring sometimes. This week's essay is by Dr. Anthony Fauci. It's especially interesting to hear his positive take on his own character flaws as it pertains to what he does and what drives him. An excerpt:
Second, I believe in striving for excellence. I sweat the big and the small stuff! I do not apologize for this. One of the by-products of being a perfectionist and constantly trying to improve myself are sobering feelings of low-grade anxiety and a nagging sense of inadequacy. But this is not anxiety without a purpose. No, this anxiety keeps me humble. It creates a healthy tension that serves as the catalyst that drives me to fulfill my limited potential.

This has made me a better physician and scientist. Without this tension, I wouldn't be as focused.
Peruse the archives and enjoy.


Anonymous said...

that was actually quite interesting. I will have to check out the show and listen in.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jon,
Full transcripts are there as well. All the essays are actually pretty short. About 500 words. It's a nice series.