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July 7, 2005

Parenting, children and alligators

I don't think a day goes by when Trish and I don't express doubt about our parenting decisions: are we reading to her enough? are schedules stifling her creativity? are we the reason she has the attention span of a gnat? Montessori or Public? will a sippy or open cup have profound implications on her development? Unix/Linux, Mac or Windows? will excessive amounts of pink clothing turn her into a girly girl? will our fear of bugs prevent her from a career as an entomologist? will giving in to an occasional trip to Wendy's cause her to be a junk-food addict?

Hegemo to the rescue with this piece. Check out the slide show. I haven't been able to view the video because of my current set up (that's probably a good thing).

I feel much better.


Anonymous said...

Most of the time we're pretty confident but it's hard not to overthink (most of) these choices. She's happy and we're there for her anytime. I think that's all that counts.

hegemo said...

Always glad to be of service in reducing parental anxiety.

If it had just been a filthy house and neglected children, that story would have just been sad. But the alligator puts it into another class altogether.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again Sarah,
My uncertainties definitely melted away with that story.