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September 1, 2005

Here it comes

I don't mean to be moaning about something relatively trivial compared to the chaos in Louisiana, but if you check gas prices in Columbus, you'll notice that here in the Heartland, gas is $3 +/- $0.40. My pathetic attempts to squeeze a few more mpg out of my little car:

-accelerating more slowly

-coasting to redlights rather than driving quickly up to them

-parking in the first space in the parking lot and walking to the store instead of doing the zamboni-style hunt for a parking space

-keeping my tires at precisely 32 psig.

-skipping the a/c

Don't know if any of it will help, but it can't hurt. I think things are going to get a lot worse. At least we can all laugh at the poor judgement used by the folks who bought Hummers.


Anonymous said...

thanks for that link. baltimoregasprices really helped me find a cheaper place to purchase fuel.

i changed my labor day plans as a result of the increase though. doh!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jon,
I'm afraid it's just the beginning. My guess is we see $5/gallon as a short term max and who knows if it'll go down.

Hope your vacation was restful.