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September 25, 2005

Not just chalk drawings


Today we all went to Via Colori, a festival in the Short North where artists use the ground as their substrate and create cool drawings. I think this festival is to all of Columbus' festivals what Thanksgiving is to holidays. The good one. The one where hordes of drunks don't litter the crowd. A nice cool time of year and good music playing in the background and everyone's kind of relaxed. Nice art, an area for kids to draw too (Via Bambino), good food vendors and no beer vendors (that I saw). No one appreciates a drink more than me, but beer and these festivals just don't mix well.

Also, to see more images of the festival check out this flickr slideshow.


hegemo said...

There were definitely beer (and wine) vendors there. I didn't see too many people drinking, though. And definitely no one drinking (or using other various substances) on the order of Comfest.

This is definitely one of the coolest of Columbus festivals. It is pretty laid back and it's just nice to wander around the park, looking at the art and watching people.

Anonymous said...

Hey Hegemo,
We went early, another strategy to avoid the walking zombies of the fests. Comfest, to me, continues to become unpleasant and not at all relaxing.

Anonymous said...

nice! I wish we had some place for street artists to ply their trade. :)

There was an interesting guy i met though last fall. He did these astoundingly elaborate Wood Sculptures. I've never seen their like! I hope that, perhaps, more artists like him can be seen on the streets of Baltimore.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jon,
I'm surprised no such event developed in Baltimore. Baltimore's so enjoyably quirky, I would expect something like this around MICA. Maybe a toned down version of Artscape.