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October 13, 2005

I AM a good parent after all

At least compared to this guy.

Last night, we're at Big Park (Whetstone) and Frankie's making the rounds on the equipment. Finally, she jumps on the structure that looks like the frame of a jeep and a brutish little 5 yr old who dragged his Big Wheel up on it is telling Frankie she shouldn't be climbing up on the bars.


Frankie goes where she wants and doesn't take flak from anyone. Well, the Big Wheel is kind of blocking every activity possible on this piece of equipment and another, quieter, gentler 5 yr old boy, recognizing the Big Wheel is hindering the action, begins to nudge the Big Wheel off the structure. Eventually, he just pushes it off. The entire time he was doing this, Frankie just watched and the brutish kid's father kept warning the other little guy to stop. When the Big Wheel flew off, the father put his phone aside, and started yelling at the 5 yr old boy to put it back. He even said "I know you know English, you can hear me." The kid was apparently not bothered and simply walked away while the brutish kid's father kept yelling at him. Way to go, I cheered silently.

Frankie kept playing; the moron father, defeated, went back to his phonecall and the kids went on playing. So he sets up an argument with a little kid, loses, continues to ignore his own child and goes back to his corner. Frankie just kept climbing around and ignored the little brutish kid (he actually wasn't so bad). I'm afraid he and his father are in for some tough times.

This was odd, Whetstone is usually filled with great parents and great kids.

I didn't like what I saw, but parenting a toddler can bring out every insecurity you have and seeing an example like this at least validates my feeling that I'm doing a pretty good job with the Frankster.


Anonymous said...

It's really amazing to watch kids. They have their own thoughts, opinions, ideas, as we already know but are still amazed when we see them just "handle things" on their own. (I have a 2 y/o too) Yay!

Anonymous said...

I'm just beginning to appreciate the autonomy of kids. They handle most things just fine. It was a fun scene to watch play out.