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November 4, 2005

Voucher ≠ Scholarship

If you live in a school district with a school that's failed (by standardized test scores) for 3 years straight, your eligible, in the 2006-2007 school year, for a voucher.


You see, the enlightened folks at the Ohio Dept. of Education (ODE) might give you some of your tax money back because their school system failed you. It's actually called a voucher but they're calling it a frickin' scholarship.

So, my tax money will fund my own scholarship that I have to apply for and maybe, just maybe, I'll get it so I can put it toward my daughter's education in some private school. Thanks ODE!


tallasiandude said...

I totally agree with your sentiment that calling something it's not is a load of BS.

However, I'm sure you realize this, but for someone like me who has no kids, it'd also be my money being put towards your daughter's education. (if I lived in Ohio, of course.)

And to be honest, I'd ok with that. Betterment of society and all that. Although it wouldn't surprise me if my perspective changed if I did have kids of my own.

Funny, that.

Dave said...

Yeah, my perspective sure changed having a kid. I thought I'd be a die-hard city dweller and although I still think I am, the education thing just plain sucks. If I ever escaped to the suburbs, it'd be because of that. I figure our property taxes go for a slight bit of snow removal and trash pickup.