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January 31, 2006

We killed them and ate their livers.

penguins2Frankie likes movies. We're not up to the Godfather Trilogy yet but we're making progress. Her current favorite is Madagascar. And, if you know 3-year olds, they tend to watch their favorite movies quite a bit. Sometimes until the DVD seems to be wearing out. After Christmas, we hit the Cinderella phase for what seemed like a viewing once a night for a straight month. Well, we've moved on and now Madagascar is her new favorite. The difference with this one is I think she'll actually get tired of it before me. It's hilarious. It's also rated PG for some silly reason. It's a part of the nighttime routine I look forward to.

Depicted is a scene from the movie. The penguins, after escaping NY for Antarctica, realize it's too cold and come to visit our main characters in sunnier climes.

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