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March 13, 2006

Next time, the Timbits on Tuesday!

Last night, I promised Frankie if she got up early and was ready to go to daycare before 7:30, I'd get her some donut holes (Timbits in these parts) for her and her friends at daycare for their snack. Well, after a somewhat turbulent wake-up and breakfast routine, we finally made it out the door with her blanket, John Lamb, her other blanket, sheet and pillow covering for naptime, another little toy and her backpack. THEN, we stopped at Tim Horton's and got her the Timbits and an extra for the road and got to daycare in good time.

Then she didn't want to come into the Penguin room.

I coax her in by doing the elephant walk and Frankie does the same laughing and sprinkling Timbits all over the carpet. Fortunately, I got the 40 pack and I think at least 30 were saved. We got in and she ran off like a wildwoman playing.

And now all I had to do was work a full day.


Frances D said...

Your blog just took me back. LOL!
My daughter will be 23 next month, and I do remember quite a few coaxing sessions.
I found you on BlogExplosion.
Have a happy and a Timbit too while you're at it.
**wink **wink

Dave said...

Do they ever slow down?
I'm tired.