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March 28, 2006

Things I learned at daycare

Today was Frankie's 3rd birthday and I spent it with her in her school; she's a Penguin (18 mo. - 3 yr olds). It was a blast. Exhausting, but a blast. Here's what I learned:

1. Frankie's level of activity is totally normal. All these guys have the metabolism of hummingbirds and absolutely no ability to focus.

2. Her teachers are among the most caring people I know.

3. Her teachers work their butts off all day long.

4. Toddlers like to make slime.

5. A toddler will identify a cup of Elmer's Glue as milk and drink it.

6. My daughter and her friends have a great deal of fun at school.

7. We could all use a nap from 1-3.

8. Kids this age play and sleep hard.

9. Her teachers are among the most caring people I know.

10. Everyone with a child in daycare should spend a day once in a while helping out and spending time with your child.

ps: Thanks for all your calls family and friends and Wiseman (who predicted Frankie's due date accurately and way in advance). Sorry we missed some of your phonecalls, it was quite a hectic affair last night.


Anonymous said...

Grownups like to make slime, too.

Dave said...

I got plenty of leftover materials. We can have a party this weekend.