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April 12, 2006

A plea for help

Basically: clothes + 3-yr old ≠ clothed child

I play games, I hold her when she cries, I try to make socks going on fun, but I finally get to: "On the count of 3, you're going to put this on or I am." She has told me recently, she hates this phrase. What's a father to do? Muscle on the clothes or use more strategic means? Helpful hints in the comments - please - I'm begging.

Having accumulated sage advice both online and off, I just wanted to say I haven't used any of the techniques suggested (yet). Today, as Frankie was talking on her play phone, I took the outfit I layed out the night before and simply put it on with absolutely no resistance. I will, however, keep all your suggestions in mind when the going gets tough. Thanks all.


CJ said...

It's usually a control thing. In the morning, lay out two or three outfits (hopefully color-coordinated in case she wants to mix and match) and tell her she can pick out what she wants to wear BUT she only has until the count of five to decide which outfit she wants. If she doesn't decide in that time, then YOU get to choose.

Good luck!

Dave said...

Since she's not overly concerned with color coordination or weather-appropriate garb (shorts in 10 degree weather), I think this could work even more easily than you suggested. I'll give it a shot and let you know.