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May 2, 2006

A night to forget

Frankie's been getting over a cold for weeks now that culminated in an earache last night. In retrospect, I think she's had it for days but it just started hurting last night. No fever, just earache. Motrin to the rescue. Cranky though. Rough dinner.

Finally got her to sleep and Suze needed to go out for her last potty. She tears out of the house after a cat, rips off her toenail in the process and tracks blood all over the house; fortunately, Frankie slept through it. We put a band-aid on Suze's nail-less toe and hoped it would stop bleeding. It did - and before she tore off the annoying band-aid. She seems fine now.

In the aftermath, we figured we'd just let Frankie sleep late and let her stay home. She had a good day. Fun with Mom in the morning, cafes with me in the afternoon. Let's hope tonight goes a tad more smoothly.

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