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September 8, 2006

Friday Links

1. Always on the lookout for super simple sites that have massive amounts of traffic, I found indexed. It's pretty cool and after two months has about 800 links to it. Pretty clever. Enjoy.

2. Lynd's Fruit Farm, down Morse to Pataskala, go pick some fresh fruit.

3. Freecycle is a cool Yahoo! group to get rid of crap that's cluttering your basement. It's all free. Join.


Bonk at Home said...

Welcome Back.

We're finding out that transitioning a 15 month old to a new daycare is difficult too.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Thanks! I'm finding it fun again.

Looking back, I think I took it much harder than our girl did. Her teachers always said she was happy but she'd intermittently say she wanted to go back to her former room. I don't think she entirely meant it. Maybe just wanted some additional attention. Hang tough, they're more flexible than we are.

Anonymous said...

Lynd's Fruit Farm is really great. We go there every year to do the obligatory fall apple picking. It's right down the road from us (basically). Then we end up with way too many apples, and they go in our compost pile. :-)

Thanks for the link to indexed. Too cool!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cassandra,

Someday we'll get the little one to have enough patience for such activities. I can't wait to go apple picking again.