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September 19, 2006

Help us St. Joe

joeThis is St. Joe swaddling the potential buyer of our house. You know, he's the patron saint of real estate. Even if the Fed doesn't raise rates today, we'll still need his help. Housing has replaced inflation as Wall Street's biggest worry, with fears that a sharp drop in the sector could cause a spike in unemployment and a slowdown in consumer spending. Yikes.

And, speaking of saints, The Atheist Mama is going to partake in a forum entitled "Godless by Choice" on September 22 at 2231 North High Street at 7pm. Show up and support her.

Related Columbus Dispatch article in which she was quoted.


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the link!

Now on to St. Joe. I didn't know what the hell you were talking about until I saw the link to NPR. Now I'm starting to vaguely remember seeing a story about this a little while ago.
Well, for ONLY $13.95, you can get an 8" St Joseph Statue Home Sales Kit!! I'm shocked at how cheap that is. Really. They could get more for that kit from St. Joesph believers.

Anonymous said...

How did we live before the internet?

That is the most hilarious link I've seen in months. Thanks.