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September 23, 2006

When corporate marketers steal

The other night on a tv commercial I saw an ad for Secret deodorant. The ad was some stupid thing about how lovely a woman's underarms smell or something like that but they ended with what more commercials are ending with these days: a url. was the plug at the end of the commercial.

So frigging lame.

Confessional sites are abundant. I think one of the first or one of the most successful to date is This site, I believe, was one of the forerunners and gets on the order of 10's of thousands of visits a day. Yeah, it's largely salcious stuff but it was (and is) original and cool. So who steals it? Many bloggers who haven't been so successful (e.g. And, now, the marketing folks behind Secret deodorant have crafted what is probably a fictitious bunch of "confessions" that are so cute, you just feel all cuddly and sweet smelling. It's too bad they couldn't respect the originality of GroupHug.

I wish I could hack the site and add some slightly more realistic confessions.

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