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January 23, 2007

Out a day with the kid

Yesterday, Frankie had a bad cold and I had chills and a low fever. We took the day off and watched SpongeBob, went to the bank in preparation of our last closing/refi for the rest of our lives, went out to lunch to split an Asiago Pizza Bagel at Corner Stone Deli and back home for more rest and SpongeBob.

Good father/daughter time. She told me I yell at her too much. And when I asked her if I really yell too much, she giggled. I think it might blip out once in a while, but I doubt it's as much as she said. Then she said when she grows up, she's going to cross the street without me. That almost did me in. She's going to grow up and do lots without me. I hope we stay close no matter her age.

It was a day worth being sick for (if not a bit sad).

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