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February 28, 2007

Dave's List

Note: This post has been expanded and welcomes your participation:

It's pretty bad when you have your electrician on speed dial.

Trish and I take good care of a home. We're also as frugal as our parents and happy to be so. So we shop, evaluate and shop again until we find the best (not always the cheapest). These are our best finds in the area. I received nothing from any of them to be on this list.

1. Good Plumber: Calhoun's, 614-444-1995

2. Bad Plumber: WaterWorks - one of two bad ones on the list. I think the guy picked my pockets while going to and from his van while taking MANY coffee breaks. I'm glad Suzi bit him on the ankles.

3. Roofing: One Red Slate (not just slate), 614-267-2366

4. Carpentry: Steve Poulin, 614-296-5250

5. Electrician: Joe Gioffre, 614-262-5003

6. Insulation: Edwards, Mooney & Moses, 614-351-6640

7. Realtor: Eve Holland, 614-825-8839

8. Appliance Repair: Economic Appliance Service, 614-279-2501

8a. Appliance Repair that will take 2-6 months and 4 visits: Sears, 1-800-STEAL-MY-CASH

9. Taxes: Victor Newman, 614-459-4754

10. Floor Finishing: Hardwood Elegance Flooring Co., 614-806-4685

11. Dog walkers: Toni Sits Pets, 614-262-8333

12. Arborist: Ahlum & Arbor Tree Preservation, 614-876-5622

13. Carpet cleaning: Master Clean, 614-847-1181

14. HVAC: Still pouring through contractors and hunting down geothermal options (Buckeye Geo in the lead).

15. Not a local, but a goodie. Ped Food Direct. Yes, I no longer go to PETCO to buy and lug home my thousand pounds of dog and cat food. I order them online, and they come to my front door in a several days. And, they're the same price as local even with the shipping. Yay interweb!

16. Suzi's Nail Trim: On Sunday morning, we go to the Olentangy Petco, 614-298-8014 to get Suze's nails trimmed and sometimes a bath (but she still stinks by the end of the day). Very convenient.

17. Furniture upholstering. Begley's, Info and an example of their work.

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