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April 21, 2007

Dandelion (experiments)

Frankie and I were out walking the dog in the warmth of Friday afternoon while she was riding her bike and picking her favorite flower in the whole world - Dandelions. I suggested we should take some of the bouquet she picked for me and experiment with them.

We took a few shot glasses and filled one with tap water [Before pic right], one with salt and water [left] and the third with sugar and water [middle]. By nightfall, the salt water flowers were just about dead and wilted (Frankie informed me Dandelions sleep at night). The next morning the salt water and sugar water dandelions looked nearly dead. The ones in tap water were ok. Not sleeping. We tried to rescue the others by placing them in the tap water glass but the results shown below look like we had some success with the sugar water Dandelions, but the salt ones were still "sleeping" [After pic droopy dead ones are from the salt water].
Dandelions (experiment)Dandelions (expt part II)

We try to get Frankie to explore her world through experimentation. Don't know if it's working, but she's having fun lately.


Anonymous said...


Found you through IB. Here's a link to my favorite dandelion art, by Andy Goldsworthy. I think yours is good too. . .

Dave said...

Hey Chris, You're the male dooce (only better)! Loved your piece on your daughter's "dirty pillows".

Thanks, cool dandelion shot. My daughter hates our lawn because we have none. Kids. I don't think I'll survive.