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April 28, 2007

Len Tukwilla, Driftwood Sculptor, Papa

Frankie and I share a fascination with art. She's 4 and I'm ... not 4. We are approximately equally talented artists. Depicted here is the sum of my talents.

I also do a mean spider.

Today, we attended a fun birthday party at her buddy Aaron's. We spent the rest of the afternoon mowing grass, playing a Cranium game, playing with her princess dolls and creating "art". Frankie dictates what I should draw and I create it for her. I don't know why Mommy has blue hair, but everything else is pretty much correct. I think the color on the ladybug is a tad off too, but you get the idea. If I were a Buddhist, I would find my mantra somewhere in chalk drawings. As bad as I am at it, I love it and so does Frankie. I wonder what she'll think when she realizes there are better artists than me.

Yay! It rained tonight. We get to do it again tomorrow!


Young Lady said...

too funny, I'm glad I found your blog, very interesting

Dave said...

Thanks for visiting chacha. Didn't know if anyone remembered Len. Good luck on your exam.