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May 3, 2007

4-5 Year old soccer league ... this should be fun

This and next Saturday on the field at Whetstone Park at 10:00 is a sign up for the upcoming 2007-2008 soccer league for tots (starting at age 4, $45 per kid). This should be a blast.

She runs, I sit, I rest, she runs. I think I'll pay $90.

We're in!!!!!!!!!!! We got there to sign up at 9 and just a few people around. Frankie will play in the Tiny-Tot league this coming September!! We went and watched a Tiny-tot game for a while so she'd see what was coming. She looked a tad uncertain but persisted in her desire to play. We even happened to see a game where one team was coached by her own pediatrician, Dr. Matt.


bob.os said...

Be sure to sign up early. There were over 800 kids signed up this year and many of those didn't get on teams.

Dave said...

Thanks for the tip Bob!

GrizzBabe said...

There's not much resting involved when watching a kid play soccer. You will be expected to clap and cheer for every minor accomplishment. And afterwards, you'll be quizzed. "Daddy did you see me [fill in the blank with something that you probably missed]?

In other words, you'll love it.

Dave said...

Yeah, we sat in one just after registration so she'd know what she was getting herself in to. It seemed like a lot of fun.