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May 9, 2007

... speaking of addiction

Funny that the day after I had to tell the world about my addicition to Starbucks, I decide a tad less caffeine in my diet would be a good thing. In fact, anyone who's met me for more than a few nanoseconds would probably agree this is a prudent move.

I am not quitting.

I'm shooting for a total of one 8 oz caffeinated beverage a day or less. I've had half today. I'm saving the other half for my daily meditation in the Worthington Starbucks. It is where I pick up a beverage, breath deep and get ready for the daycare pickup, sprint home, dinner prep, walk the incontinent dog from hell, eat, walk dog again, shuttle Frankie around the block on her bike, feed the cat (like he deserves it) and start the nighttime routine (bath, vid, books, bedtime, walk the neurotic dog again) and things then quiet down for the final 5 minutes before we pass out.

Yeah, I could use less caffeine. We'll see how that goes.


Anonymous said...

I cut back a few years ago. I was at the point of needing at least two coffees a day or I'd get headaches, but drinking more than one coffee made me jittery and affected my sleep.

Now I've cut that back to one, and I try not to have more than one caffeinated coffee a day. Sometimes I'll have a second, but not often.

I'm not a big pop drinker in general, so I only occasionally have to worry about that as a source of caffeine. I am big on iced tea, so especially in the summer, when I make sun tea (that reminds me, I should do that) sometimes I overdo the caffeine a little.

I just wish I took after my father. He drinks at least three cups of regular coffee a day, including after dinner, and has no jitters or any of that, and can fall asleep in seconds.

Dave said...

Hey Sarah,

I'm kind of like your father. I could drink it until bedtime and fall asleep. The only reason I'm trying this silly experiment is to try to reduce my baseline level of anxiety, which has always been high.

So, first day, 1 cup caffeinated and I feel fine. No headaches and a tad more calm. But that might just be placebo or maybe just feeling calm thinking about battering the asshole that sold me my home to death ... ahh serene moments. Time will tell.

Dave said...

Oh, and maybe it'll help a bit with that little anger issue I might have.

Anonymous said...

Believe me Dave, I've been paying close attention to my reaction to the medication ever since you mentioned having such a horrible time on it! I appreciate the information. Apparently my brain is a whole lot different than yours. Especially after reading your less caffeine post. I'd be a walking/throbbing headache were I to cut back. I've tried it before and worried about all the Advil I had to take to get through it. Never making it past three days without caffeine. Maybe all it takes is that one cup. Next time I'm brave, I'll try it that way. p.s. I hooked up with the Indie Bloggers. I like the looks of the place. Thanks for the link!

Dave said...

Day 2 for the 1 cup thing and nothing. I had a teeny headache last night before bed but that's it so far. I still fill in the day with decaf - and that has a trickle of caf in it. So, slowly I go. Don't know if it'll make a difference.

endangered coffee said...

8 ounces? Man, I spill that much on my dashboard everyday going to work. good luck.