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June 7, 2007

on Paris

So the hot house flower is in jail for a whole 23 days (oops, now she's home after a couple days). I find this an interesting case. She and her little life of privilege have decided to do their time "like anyone else". Bullshit. She's in a county correctional facility but is isolated from the rest of the population and had the option for an upscale cell not in the county jail. She had to be isolated because she would undoubtedly have faced certain death if left to mingle with others.

If you or I broke the law, we'd have no option of special treatment; we'd be tossed in with the rest and be physically and psychologically abused so badly, it would scar us the rest of our lives. But, because Paris is stinking rich (nothing she had anything to do with), she's even privileged at the level of incarceration. If you're really bad, like Jeff Dahmer, the system essentially decides to toss you in to be murdered. The system took someone that wasn't desireable, clearly mentally ill and decided to murder him. But, the debutante has so much cash and so much ... something ... that no one would dare put her in harm's way.

The comparison of Dahmer and Paris Hilton is absurd (where else but a silly blog could I ponder this?), but I still find it fascinating how the justice system treats the haves and the have nots.

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Anonymous said...

Apparently L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca has a habit of doing stuff like this. Maybe he's star-struck?