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October 3, 2007


Bidding starts at $50, cheap shipping/free pickup.

For those of you following this wild and crazy Ebay ride:
Pricing: Yes, $50 is in line with conventional Ebay wisdom of pricing low to encourage early bidding; but, it is lower than my initial desire to start at $1,000,000.00 USD for the 4.5 years that was wasted.
Banned: I will NOT accept bids from my Ph.D. advisor.

PS Sorry for not updating Frankie's site. Without my mother or father reading, I've become less motivated. I will post some pics soon.


Big Momma said... is always good to do some purging, both mentally and physically.

Dave said...

Maybe I'll sell it on ebay.

Anonymous said...

Please, please don't forget Trish's mother-me-as motivation for keeping Frankie, and your web site up-dated. I never get to see or visit any of you so, this is the only means I have of watching her grow-up and keeping tabs on you and Trish. I'm terrible at written communication and I have an unfortunate way of calling at times inconvenient for you. Besides, pictures are sometimes worth a thousand words, as your wastebasket full of your life's work so poignantly shows.