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November 14, 2007

Columbus Computer Repair, where to go??

Frankie's teacher has a computer hobbling on one leg and trying to stay alive. I can pop in a pci card and maybe swap a drive, but what to do when the problem needs serious diagnostic evaluation? I hate the knee-jerk solution so common today of "just buy another ...". Yeah, just pop the piece of junk in the dumpster and no one will care and go to Dell for a cheapie. It's an easy solution, but if a repair is possible, it doesn't just fix one machine, it prevents another from being tossed into a landfill.

So, where to go? My favorite was Computer Success off Bethel, but they went out of business. My next shot? Dos-Boot. With a clever name like that, I thought I couldn't go wrong. It's next to Joy's Kitchen in the Ohio Stater Mall. Easy parking and some hard-working lads. Brought in the machine today and although it's still in critical condition, they have a promising and inexpensive lead that may save the machine. And, fast too. Give 'em a shot.

[Dave received no compensation for this, just promoting local business.]


Lorence said...

OMG, Dave, when did Computer Success go under? I haven't been up that way in about a year (maybe more) - haven't had the need. I've sent many people there over the years for everything from repair to new systems - they were there forever! come to think of it, most of th parts on the PC I'm using now came from there.

man, I'm bummed now...thanks for the tip on DOS-Boot, though. Anything with "DOS" in the name can't be all bad...

Dave said...

Hey Lorence, yeah, I'm bummed too. It was such a familiar place and fun to poke around in. Dos-boot's pretty darn good though. Definitely fills a much needed repair place. I'm too scared to go to MicroCenter because of what they might charge.