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November 27, 2007

Why supporting a child is good.

Frankie is our pride and joy in life.

She is also a tad expensive. Kind of like a lifetime car payment. Not always a bad thing I realized this morning.

I stopped in to the place I have to admit I'm addicted to - Starbucks. After they stole my $1.65 this morning for my cup of flavored water, I left and noticed a guy walking in. He had a Coach bag over his shoulder (I used to work in Filene's Basement in Boston in handbags, for ONE semester, ugh). I looked closer and realized it wasn't just a cool leather bag, but a man-purse. A really frigging expensive one. I think it was this one. Four hundred and frickin' twenty eight dollars for a bag that is undeniably ugly. It must be a little bit nice to have so much money you get bored spending it, but I'm pretty content with what I've got. Even if our dishes are 20 years old and were purchased used for $9 at a yard sale.


Anonymous said...

I agree! I take really good care of my things and they last forever and i am proud of it.

Betty said...

My Starbucks addiction has kicked in again. I'll have to try all of the seasonal lattes before it's too late.

That is one ugly man purse. I occasionally remind my husband how fortunate it is for us that I hate shopping and that I don't have the desire to acquire things, except for yarn, which is turned into useful things.

Dave said...

Sharon, taking good care of my things is something I was lucky enough to learn from my wife who just recently let go of her disintegrating 1986 Honda Civic. We both loved that car.

Betty, sorry for the stereotype, but a woman who hates shopping?! Warms my heart. I can tolerate about 15 minutes in Target and then it's all online.