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March 4, 2008



This is not what you want to see in front of your home.

So I get in this afternoon, excessively salivating over the meatballs I made last night for tonight's dinner. Hmmm. Chilly in the house, gas burner not turning on, paid the bill on time, ...?

That was about 4 hours ago and it's now about 58-deg-F in my home. We're especially close tonight. Columbia Gas is in my front lawn digging holes playing utility CSI. Most evidence points to water in the line - on their side fortunately. I suspect they'll get the heat on by about 5 in the morning Wednesday night. We hope.

I just over seeded the lawn this past Sunday.

How's Suze taking this ...

The Dog

At least it makes her pooping in the living room much less of a problem.


Anonymous said...

This is the third such situation I've heard of this week of gas line problems that has to do with water in the lines. Is there an issue surfacing with Columbia that has yet to be reported?

Anonymous said...

The workers don't think so. They think it's isolated. I think it's the bastard city contractors who've been relining our water mains. They've been pumping water all over the place and working adjacent to the gas main, about a foot away. The contractor is Insituform. Columbia Gas doesn't even know of them. Insituform also downed our phone line a couple weeks back and left a note saying "sorry."