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July 30, 2008

Upgrading my technology.

my radio
The institution that requires a disproportionate amount of my mental energy between 7 and 3 M-F has declared one of my favorite sites on the entire Internet,, verboten. Flickr, Pandora, - gone.

... fume ...

How to survive? 90.5 FM reception isn't bad from the compound. 90.5 - an eclectic variety of music about 50 minutes per hour and news top of the hour. Pretty perfect blend. Just needed to score a radio.

I went to a thrift store on N. High across the street from One World Bakery (most excellent vegetarian place) and got this radio for $5. It may be my best thrift store buy ever. I wouldn't part with this gem for anything (below $50).

• Good reception, it'll be excellent when I get my window office (Monday!!).
• Plush 70's orangebrowngreenish shag carpet covering the speaker.
• It gets really warm when it's on. I think it might be flammable!
• It has a vicious power knock when I turn it on. Perfect for those slow-start mornings.
• It has AFC! I think that stands for Awesome Fantastic Control.
• The case appears to be walnut and was made in Columbia (GE knew outsourcing was the future).
Dual speaker. I don't know where the second one is.
• Perfect size pedestal for a pothos, the official plant of the American work camp.

This thing is so cool, I may someday forgive the reduction of privileges.


Anonymous said...

Ooo, Solid State!

delmer said...

Does it go up to 11?

Anonymous said...

You're lucky. The institution I work for doesn't mess with the network connection, but my office is in a basement where I can't get *anything* decent over the air, so I generally don't get to listen to 'CBE's daytime shows.

Does WCBE still have live performances from Studio A during the day? A dozen years ago they had performers in about every third day, and I had the honor of being the studio engineer for many of those sessions...

Dave said...

Delmer, when I power this thing up, that power knock is really loud! I actually just plug it in to turn it on.

Rideman, I feel your pain. For the past 8 yrs, I've been in a metallic grey 8x8 office. Not in a basement, but it doesn't matter, still no natural light. I am infintely grateful for next Monday when I take a window.

Studio engineer? That sounds pretty cool. Haven't been listening long enough, I'll keep my ears open though. The music programming is quite good though: lots of reggae (and sub genres withing that), lots of latin stuff, I'm really impressed. Good work music. My sympathies for the basement.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you scored a relic of great value. Love the carpet covering. Crank it up, man!