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July 10, 2008

What are things going to be like at $10??

Some recent observations ...

1. The Columbus Public Library (Whetstone Branch) is often busier than Barnes and Noble at Lennox these days. They've saved me hundreds over the past months. Maybe they'll get more financial support (I bought a t-shirt from them).

2. Volunteers of America (thrift store) on Indianola was jammed tonight! I even bought a pair of nearly new New Balance the other day for $4.99, very cool.

3. That cool little retro gas station on N. High by Kroger in C'ville that was turned into a scooter dealer is busy every single day.

4. I heard someone the other day say "10 on number 2" at the GetGo.

5. Subway recently had a $5 special for a bunch of their 12" subs. Subway was jammin' the one time I stopped by.

6. A while back, I returned a pineapple to Giant Eagle because it sucked. I've never returned a piece of food to a supermarket in my life.

7. Because of the Fuel Perks program at Giant Eagle, I've witnessed many filling gas cans after they fill their tank.

8. LOTS more bikes on the road lately (hooray!).

9. Will we all be getting Fridays off soon?

10. Beer is really frigging expensive!


endangered coffee said...

I'm not that old, but I remember the days when $10 would get you almost a half-tank of gas, a pack of smokes, a can of Jolt and a SlimJim.
Man, those were the good old days.

Anonymous said...

Nice observations - Nice to see the positive aspects of the non-recession. I also find that in these lean times, companies are a lot more responsive to complaints. They know people are more particular about their selections and they are responding to any negative comments - I've received gift cards when I've gone onto company websites and complained about their service - It's not something I abuse, but I do not appreciate bad service and I let them know.

donatelife said...

I would get 10 bucks a week for lunch in highschool and buys cigs instead!