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November 15, 2008

Facebook. It just keeps pulling me back.

Michael in a meeting about Vatican-owned Imobiliare
A while back I pulled my Facebook acct. Don't know why. Just kind of a waste of time watching the day-to-day of others fly by. Last night, I was surfing, I was a bit distracted and had a seed in my head planted by CBM; I reactivated my acct.

Fume. Alone with the kid this cold and crappy weekend, I find myself in front of the machine waiting for the exciting lives of my "friends" to fly by while she watches cartoons on the other monitor. I'm hooked and I can't look away.

I'm finally tearing myself away - hold all your updates gang - to find Frankie a play friend for today. This is your fault CBM.


Miss Lexiloo said...

Networking sites can sure be addictive...

I pulled my facebook bc I didn't want my real name to be google-able.

Big Momma said...

Look away Dave!!!! Many apologies for the grief I have caused you.

Dave said...

Lexi, you can sign up as a perky 15 year old girl and immediately have 200 friends - I think that's what old guys are doing.

BM, can't. stop. gazing. Just need to remember to take a shower.