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December 19, 2008

The Eve of Challenge

We are about to stumble on the true challenge of kindergarten. Tomorrow morning, at about 6 am, begins the first day of sixteen stay home days. We will eat lots, got to every museum and zoo in Columbus, leave her with any friend who invites her over, play Candyland (I will lose), Go Fish, play with toys, go to lunch occasionally, probably continue xmas shopping well beyond xmas (sorry to those who will get late presents), maybe go to a local hotel that has a pool for a "vacation," go to the library, snack continuously, do lots and lots of coloring, work on the Dancing Raisins experiment to demo in her classroom beginning of the year, run around maniacally outside, play in snow, wake up at 6 am everyday, escape to work on a "high priority project" once in a while, etc. It will be an interesting and strenuous 16 days. Volunteer to babysit in the comments.


Miss Lexiloo said...

BWAHAHAHA. I feel you.

My special-needs preschooler is SO confused. He's been asking about school for about 3 days. Holy fucking COW there's still another week.

Dave said...

9 days even!