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December 26, 2008

Most people don't care what you're doing, so keep it short: Facebook v. Twitter

• lots of privacy (private stuff shouldn't be on the web)
• clunky photo uploads
• excessive loads of self-promotion
• lots of approval junkies
• fun (albeit clunky) apps
• no "Dave and Aun Jemima and are now friends," "Dave updated his profile to like cheese," "Pia Zadora is now following Dave" ... just agonizing

Twitter (I'm seligmansdog)
• brief updates, breaking news sometimes
• no babbling
• occasional stupid updates
• easy to turn on and off tweets
• fun search capability
• no pics of others' children
• trivial registration
• all kinds of apps (, thanks Bob)
• Tweets from Science Friday, are pretty cool
• ...

Your preference?


A said...

I use Twitter to update my Facebook status... so I guess both?

These days I'm gravitating more toward Flickr.

Betty said...

Each one has an advantage that keeps me using them in spite of how annoying they can be. With Facebook, I feel I am really reconnecting with some people I want to. With Twitter, I can follow some people who make me laugh. I find Facebook more annoying, but the payoff is bigger :)

Dave said...

Yeah, I get hooked on Facebook too sometimes, I even connected with a friend from decades ago. But the exchange kind went two volleys: kids? yeah ... but divorce, oh, I'm in England now, wow, see ya, ... End.

Flickr beats all hands down, most friendly community on the web.

bob.os said...

Ooh! Cool. I'm following @scifri now.