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January 11, 2009

Dear Genral Mills: Change is bad.

The early morning mission today was to hunt down Cocoa Puffs and blackberries. I realize I'm risking my daughter's social well-being by permissively giving in to this request and damaging her physical health by giving her these toxic pellets of sugar, but I'll take my chances and assume the healthy blackberries will offset their deadly effects.

This request turned into the toughest decision I made today. I get to Kroger (Graceland) this morning only to see Cocoa Puffs Combos on the shelf and the adjacent spot labeled with the original Cocoa Puffs bare. I sat there despondent imagining my peaceful Sunday morning turning into one of terror. A clerk, and obviously a Mom, sympathised as she poured through the aisle hoping it was a mistake - it wasn't. The only GM product was the Combos.

Bastards, I thought to myself. What were they thinking? For a kid, a new formulation of the same flavor can be a disaster, never mind tossing in white Cocoa Puffs. They diluted the chocolate! What the hell kind of creative genius suggested this?

After the denial, I did what any parent with survival instincts would do. I bought the store generic style and will hide the box. I'm not optimistic, but the appetizer for b'fast will be the blackberries.

Stinking bastards (shaking his fist in the air) ...

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