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January 31, 2009

scary clintonville robot

scary clintonville robot, originally uploaded by Seligmans Dog.

My early morning walk through Clintonville is a nice time to see things quiet without the noise and not as many cars driving me into the snow banks.

Hey, tonight is the Chili Contest/Dinner. See you there?


Anonymous said...

Hi There
(see? I really do read your blog)

We're looking forward to seeing you -all at the Bowl. I plan on stationing CMHGourmand between Pattycake and LizLes/Surly Girl (he'll be #13).

One of the coordinators just told me she's setting up a coloring table and a bucket of legos. So, we'll look forward to seeing your whole clan. Perhaps you'll draw another turtle?

Miriam at The Chili Bowl

Dave said...

Hey Miriam, The Chili Bowl was a big hit with Frankie and an even bigger with us. Next year I'm starving myself for a day before I go. Thanks again!