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March 29, 2009

It was like Vegas baby.

I love to see businesses do well. Even big franchisey ones. Yesterday we decided to farm out the birthday party to Chuck E. Cheese himself. All we had to do was show up. No cleaning the house for days before and after, scraping frosting off furniture, walls and ceilings, no trips to the ER, no fuss.

I was impressed. Three young women ran the show; must've been high school age. I felt bad for them. They undoutedly suppressed their surliness or got paid a lot - or both. They ran this gig with precision down to the perfect photo op with the large rat embracing our daughter. Every one of the twelve 5-6 year olds were manic. Eating pizza, running crazy, playing games, eating cake, singing. All before 11:30 am. I ran the casino floor and all I had to do was comp our little whales with tokens.

This place would be an interesting business case study for any economy. 4 parties at a time, each about $250 (ours was $220, including a good tip) going off every 2 hours from 10 am to 8 pm, 2 days a week. Yesterday was entirely booked 6 weeks in advance.


(Auntie) Denise said...

Sounds to me like it would have been worth five times the price! So glad everyone had a great time.

endangered coffee said...

that may be the most effective justification for Chuck E. Cheese I've ever seen. Especially the no cleaning up part.

Dave said...

Hey EC. I have to be honest. I like CEC as much as the kid does. Mediocre Pizza and lousy beer. Just like back in school. It's a good place to rest while the kid blows off some steam.